Singapore Airlines A380 flight #SQ317 from London Heathrow to Singapore has declared an emergency.

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A Singapore Airlines A380 has declared an emergency after taking off from London Heathrow Airport earlier.

While flying over Belguim to Singapore, pilots informed ATC about a technical emergency. The flight #SQ317 was rerouted to Germany.

Bei 3000 Meter Flughöhe und 600 mm Objektivbrennweite kann man das Flugzeug schön nah ranholen.

— Holger Knecht / @[email protected] (@Pfalzfoto) November 24, 2022

Due to a cabin pressurisation issue, pilots descended to 10,000ft and started to dump fuel in order to loose weight for a safe landing.

The flight diverted to Frankfurt am Main Airport and landed safely runway 25C two hours after take off.

The flight was cancelled and passengers disembarked.

Airline confirms emergency landing was due to ‘technical issue’: SQ317 diverted to Frankfurt after take-off due to a technical issue. The aircraft landed uneventfully at Frankfurt Airport at around 1400hrs (local time). Arrangements are currently being made to assist all customers. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.